Cargo Bikes

    It is possible to re-invent the wheel

    For some, it’s a cool, sporty and dynamic e-trike which is simply fun to ride. For others, it’s a powerful, reliable cargo professional and a sustainable alternative to the car. And for many, it’s the chance to get around independently on their own terms, despite their limitations.
    XCYC is all this and more.
    No slouch when dealing with heavy loads, yet anything but sluggish as a riding experience. XCYC Pickup bikes feature stylish design and superior technology, and these characteristics are winning over and exciting not only private users but also companies, commercial enterprises, tradespeople and institutions.

    The trike concept was chosen to make goods transport easier and to achieve stability: when riding slowly or in stop-go traffic, you don’t need to balance out the load you’re carrying each time. That makes for a safer ride.



    from Germany

    XCYC is a unique bike concept

    Multitasker: versatile e-cargo bike for private and commercial use

    Powerhouse: ease of mobility thanks to powerful Bosch drive unit and optimum technical configuration

    Sporty type: dynamic riding experience and attractive, stylish design

    Top performer: exceptionally high durability up to 300 kg for professional transport tasks

    Character: premium, sturdy quality, hand-made – in Germany

    Climate protector: convincingly sustainable due to long-lasting quality and environmentally friendly mobility

  • XCYC Pickup CITY

    XCYC Pickup CITY


    The better alternative to the car

    Zero-emission goods transport means no CO2 is generated, so you are making an effective contribution to climate protection. But there are other ways in which XCYC Pickup e-cargo bikes are superior to the car.

    You don’t need a driving licence to ride an e-cargo bike. Bikes often get you further, whether in the narrow streets of historic town centres or on tracks across fields or through woods which are closed to motor vehicles. What’s more, there’s no tedious searching for parking spaces – not forgetting, you can give expensive petrol pumps a wide berth!

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  • Bosch Performance Cargo Line CX 250 W, 85 Nm, 25 km/h


    Mighty Bosch Performance Cargo Line CX (85Nm) drive unit

    We have chosen a system from the leading manufacturer, Bosch, for its broad service network, good guarantee policy, reliable quality and provision of sustained performance in particular in continuous commercial use.
    All XCYC e-cargo bikes are equipped with the powerful Bosch Performance CX mid-motor. The support of the motor, in conjunction with the specially developed Bosch Cargo-Line software, is specifically adapted to the requirements of our XCYC PICKUP cargo bikes. To transmit the power of up to 85 Newton meters to the rear axle, we use a reinforced mountain bike chain.

  • Bosch Power Pack, 500 Wh

    Staying power
    on the Job

    Long-range Bosch PowerPack 500 battery

    The 500-Wh rechargeable battery is secured by a lock on the XCYC PICKUP against theft and can be charged directly on the bike via a special charging socket connected to a standard household power outlet. Alternatively, the battery can simply be unlocked and removed from the bike and charged anywhere.
    With our models XCYC Pickup Work 4.0 and Work 4.0 Eco we offer a mounting option for a second battery as standard. This can double the battery capacity and therefore also the range

  • Handlebar & Stem
    Lenker and ergotec stem

    Ergonomie ist

    Height-adjustable handlebar and stem from ergotec

    You can modify your XCYC PICKUP quickly and easily to suit ergonomic requirements

  • Bosch Intuvia Display
    Bosch Intuvia Display

    Simple &

    Multi-functional Bosch Intuvia display

    For the display and control element of the electric motor, we rely on the proven Bosch Intuvia display. It is easily removable from the handlebar, and the electric assistance is simple to deactivate. That means your XCYC PICKUP and display are additionally secured against possible theft.
    An ergonomically perfectly positioned unit on the left-hand side of the handlebar can be used to select the assistance levels, depending on riding requirements and route conditions. There are five levels: Off, Eco, Tour, Sport and Turbo. Please note: The range of electric assistance will vary, depending on the assistance level, terrain, gradient and payload.

  • Shimano Disc Brakes
    Shimano Disc Brakes


    Hydraulic Shimano disc brakes

    Sports cyclists need to be able to brake quickly and safely. Your XCYC PICKUP is therefore equipped at the front with high quality Shimano disc brakes with a diameter of 203 mm and at the rear with two 180-mm brake discs. This combination brings your XCYC PICKUP safely to a halt in next to no time, even fully loaded. Going down steep slopes, too, you can rely on its solid braking action.

  • Saddle & Stem
    Selle Royal Saddle, stem from ergotec


    Ergonomic, high-quality saddle from Selle royal and height-adjustable ergotec stem

    The ergonomically optimised saddle with gel inserts makes even long rides and daily delivery trips pleasant and prevents undue stress and strain on the rider.
    Your XCYC PICKUP can be supplied with an optional, height-adjustable seat post which is easy to adjust at any time with the aid of a lever.

  • Trailer Hitch
    Trailer Hitch adaption


    Weber trailer hitch

    The XCYC PICKUP Allround models offer an optional trailer hitch attachment. A standard Weber bicycle trailer hitch can be installed using an XCYC adapter. The trailer hitch is available at extra cost. An optional straight drawbar for hitching standard bicycle trailers is also available.

  • Rear Tires
    Rear Tires

    Byword for

    Highly stable spokeless rear wheels

    Spoke breakage and rim distortion are not an issue with our XCYC Pickup, even with extremely heavy loads on board.
    The XCYC PICKUP ALLROUND is also available with optional 10-inch aluminium rims with wide tubeless quad tyres.

  • Lighting Package
    Front Spotlight from Busch & Müller

    See and
    been seen

    StVZO-compliant lighting package

    Your XCYC Pickup is equipped with a standard lighting package which complies with the German road traffic registration ordinance (StVZO), consisting of a headlight, numerous reflectors or reflective strips, and one or more rear lights. The rear light has a deceleration sensor-controlled brake light. The intensified illumination of the brake light during strong deceleration further increases the safety of rider and load in borderline situations.

  • Pedals
    Pedals from XLC

    Optimum grip
    when pedalling

    Bear-paw pedals from XLC

    When it comes to pedals, we rely on quality products from the XLC brand. To ensure optimum grip when pedalling your XCYC PICKUP, we use so-called bear-paw or bear-claw-type pedals. These prevent the rider’s shoe from slipping.

  • Drive Unit
  • Battery
  • Handlebar & Stem
  • Display
  • Disc Brakes
  • Saddle & Stem
  • Trailer Hitch
  • Rear Tires
  • Lighting Package
  • Pedals

Strong guys who can shift a fair amount and be the perfect leisure-time companion.

  • XCYC Pickup

    Perfect for private and professional use

    Commercial transport bike for tools, goods, parcels and more besides. Cargo bike for picnic trips or transporting sports equipment. E-cargo bike for everyday shopping trips into town. XCYC Pickup ALLROUND is all this and more, and has some special qualities too: agile, strong, sturdy and sporty at the same time. Our innovative e-trike is the perfect mobility solution. Thanks to their compactness, the ALLROUND models are also ideal for indoor use in warehouses or exhibition halls.

  • XCYC Pickup

    For moving things in a big way

    Sportiness and hard work don’t have to be mutually exclusive. XCYC Pickup WORK was designed for commercial use. A Euro-pallet fits easily onto the cargo area. With a permissible total weight of up to 300 kg and a range of superstructure options, even heavy, bulky, high-volume goods are no problem. Despite its size, it’s surprisingly agile and smooth-running. The powerful Bosch Cargo Line drive system makes for dynamic, speedy progress.

  • XCYC Pickup

    The award-winner: Mobility for everyone

    This is a unique e-bike, jointly developed by people with disabilities, designers and technicians. XCYC Pickup BALANCE enables people with reduced mobility to get around independently without the need for assistance. The rider may weigh up to 160 kg. For seniors, too, the three-wheeler is a safe and stable way of getting from A to B. The low frame makes it easy to mount, and there’s space for your big weekly shop and lots more besides. Its cool, sporty design turns heads wherever it goes!

  • XCYC Pickup

    The Versatile

    For commuting between home and the office. For city and shopping trips. For bike tours or getting to sports facilities. The XCYC Pickup CITY model moves you quickly and comfortably through the day. It’s fun to ride in your free time, too, transporting everything from sports equipment, market produce to heavy toolboxes. Thanks to its sturdy construction and high load capacity, the model also makes itself useful in a commercial setting – and still manages to look cool into the bargain!


Made with care, pride and fun

XCYC is a brand of GWW – Gemeinnützige Werkstätten und Wohnstätten GmbH. This social enterprise develops visionary and inclusive concepts for the provision of education, employment, accommodation and support for people with and without disabilities.

These include the manufacture of high-quality products. We are certified according to DIN ISO9001.

Practical &

Your XCYC e-cargo bike makes a big impression

Your XCYC cargo bike is inherently attractive, sporty and on trend – with paintwork in a colour of your choice, practical add-ons and useful extras, it lets you create a tailor-made XCYC Pickup, regardless of whether you use it privately as a family e-bike, for shopping, hobbies and leisure activities or professionally at your company or institution.

What’s more, you can make use of our customised branding options to integrate your company logo and corporate message. That way, you’ll be deploying a further mobile advertising space at the same time, attracting attention wherever it shows up.